Don't be an idiot

by Volker Weber

A developer preview is made available so that developers can build apps for new APIs and to check their existing apps against the new operating system. Developers have separate devices to run a developer preview.

Then there will be a public beta program. This will facilitate broader testing. Only install a public beta if you are able and willing to report bugs. People who understand what they are doing will not be running a beta on their only device.

A beta program is followed by the official release of the software. Dumb people (like me) install the new release right away. Smart people wait a few days for the emergency fix.

Don't be the idiot who installs a developer preview on his daily burner. And if you are this idiot, keep your mouth shut and don't complain about crashing apps and burning batteries.


Hear, hear. I am one of those people using a Windows Insider Fast Ring Build on (one of the) daily burners. And I do report bugs in the feedback app. And I do also go back to the stable build if needed.

I can sometimes see people in the fast ring complain massively. I do not get it, as the insider program and especially the fast ring is heavily shielded by hefty disclaimers.

In case of the Windows Insider Program, there are two things, feedback and telemetry data. I think the later is the more valuable thing.

Hubert Stettner, 2016-06-14

Amen! I have specific Mac and iOS device I used for testing and nothing else. I hear from so many who try betas and then complain.

Bruce Elgort, 2016-06-14

teehee. Wondering who motivated this post...

Amy Blumenfield, 2016-06-14

Amy, not singling anyone out. I know a few of theses people. And I respect them very much, just not for this behavior.

Volker Weber , 2016-06-14

Another aspect is, that using it on 'test' devices, only gives you so much. Of course you can click around a bit and have a look or even do specific tests. But what you (well, they) really want, is your full scale usage scenario. Only then, non-obvious bugs are encountered and can be fed back and fixed.

This is, why even in the fast ring of the WIP, the builds are very well usable in my expierence. If there are grave bugs, one can always hard reset or go back to stable. If one is not set up or prepared to do so, they please need to stay out of it.

A fresh build every week? Heaven for me and a sign of being healthy, in my case ;)

Hubert Stettner, 2016-06-14

Great blog post. This is a simple instruction for all my iOS and other pre-release testers. Thank you.

Jörg rafflenbeul, 2016-06-14

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