Fame or fortune

by Volker Weber


We had this tempest in a teapot yesterday, where journalists complained they were being spammed by PR agencies, illegally so. And they were putting all the blame on these agencies, not accounting for the fact, that agencies (have to) do what their customers demand. And that basically means, get this information to the influencers.

If you think about it for a while, there is a parallel to an important question:

If you could choose only one in your life, what would it be: fame or fortune?

That choice is actually very simple, and most people do not get it. Fortune trumps fame, every single time. Fame is smoke and mirrors, fortune is gold. Fortune does not get measured in money alone. There is health, love, and joy. Fame is measured in number of followers, clout score, Alexa ranking, etc.

If you want to be left to your own devices, you have to avoid fame. You have to do everything to hide it. Avoid showing (off) any metrics of influence. In practical terms: opt out of any score you can. Try to keep the numbers low that make you a target of bots trying to find influencers. You can be an influencer, alright. But avoid letting the masses know.

And for crying out loud, get behind the camera, not in front of it.


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