IBM Connections Premier and IBM Connections Compliance

by Volker Weber

IBM Connections Premier combines engaging employee collaboration applications and compliance discovery solutions, including granular policy controls for content inspection, logging and archiving of social and instant messaging communications. With IBM Connections Premier integrated collaboration and compliance discovery solutions, your organization can protect your brand and reputation, meeting corporate, legal or governance requirements, and engage and enable your entire workforce.

Translation: we monitor what you say. Or: this product, with an IBM part number.

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Interesting. I remember the scary presentation of the alcatraz product in the keynote at ConnectED in Orlando a couple of years back. Not my cup of tea.

Heiko Voigt, 2016-06-23

What a great way to say while not saying things. I am talking about you, Volker :) Definetly MMD.

Hubert Stettner, 2016-06-23

When I worked on similar products at HP, I told people I worked in the "Big Brother" department. And trust me, if you work in certain industries and are subject to the laws of the United States - it doesn't matter whether you're using IBM Connections or something else that's more cool and modern... It's being monitored. And while I can't comment about the laws in Germany or the rest of Europe specifically, we were selling there too.

Richard Schwartz, 2016-06-23

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