It's working!

by Volker Weber


Both Jochen and Dennis provided valuable input on how the Workflow app works. I also purchased the awesome Transmit file transfer app.

This has made the iPad Pro even more useful. Expect to see more scribbles in the future. :-)


Glad I could help.

Workflow really is quite powerful, especially if you're dealing with web services and the like.

x-callback-urls allow to stich apps together that don't know of each other. Downloading a YouTube video with VLC for example.

Jochen Schug, 2016-07-08

You are more than welcome Volker. Feels good to help you out for a change after all these years of reading

And this workflow app is really useful. Feels a lot like Automator or Hazel on the Mac minus the freestyle scripting in Bash, Ruby or Python.

Dennis Wegner, 2016-07-09

Jochen, I am all ears.

Dennis, collaboration is the game.

Volker Weber, 2016-07-09

what is the name of the app?

John Head, 2016-07-09

Workflow. Or

Volker Weber, 2016-07-09

Ich. Liebe.

Workflow kannte ich nicht. Meine Güte, was mache ich jetzt mit der ganzen Lebenszeit? ;-)

Danke, Volker!

Thomas Lang, 2016-07-14

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