IBM to resell Microsoft Surface tablets to businesses

by Volker Weber

A year ago, Microsoft announced Dell and HP would be reselling Microsoft Surface tablets as part of a new Surface Enterprise Initiative. Today, IBM and Booz Allen Hamilton also joined the list of Surface resellers in that program.

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Wow. Booz Allen Hamilton, hmmm?

Hubert Stettner, 2016-07-12

Interesting. Thanks for the link. Note this clarification was added during your night - "Microsoft officials said IBM won't be a reseller of Surface devices. Instead, both IBM and Booz Allen will be acting as solutions integrators, which is different from what Dell and HP are doing." Note the original source is on Windows Blogs, to which you'll have to link since I can't do that in your comments field ;-)

Michael Sampson, 2016-07-13

You can just post it here. Unfortunately I had to remove the capability to link. Spammers shit all over good things.

One thing makes me wonder. If you want to be a solution integrator, why limit yourself to a particular device instead of just "Windows 10". Do you think it has any technical merits?

Volker Weber, 2016-07-13

Michael Sampson, 2016-07-13

Technical merits - it's touch. Technical uniqueness - there are other devices on the market, as you well know. Perhaps customers are requesting the Surface by name; Microsoft would be pleased about that. In terms of BAH, they are using Surface devices internally, so perhaps are seeing a different way of doing computing that they think they can help clients master too.

And in terms of wider Windows 10, yes, I wondered that too.

Michael Sampson, 2016-07-13

And 2-in-1.

Michael Sampson, 2016-07-13

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