Headset recommendation

by Volker Weber


I was asked which headset I would recommend for this profile.

- pure telephony, no music features needed
- small and lean as possible
- budget EUR 300,-

#1 makes it a Plantronics Voyager, #2 makes it the Edge model. #3 is too much money. They are way cheaper.

UC model for mixed PC/Mac and phone use. Regular one for phone/tablet only.


I chose #1, mostly because of vowe's positive review (yeah, it pays to follow this site). Very good product, multiple times people didn't recognize during a call that I was driving in my car. And the Voyager even gained the WAF, my wife uses her headset for her own conference calls.

Christian Rosner, 2016-07-22

I got the Edge after one of your reviews and it's great! Only fitting it in my ear so it is comfortable and doesn't randomly fall out is a bit tricky and usually takes me a few attempts.

Timo Zimmermann, 2016-07-23

If it ever falls out, you need to use a bigger gel.

Volker Weber, 2016-07-23

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