My Kryptonite

by Volker Weber


Von Texel über Hannover nach Darmstadt. Danke, Bastian!


Technically, this implies that you were born on a planet made of licorice.

If that news gets public, I suspect that the dutch and finns will start their own space program.

Andrew Magerman, 2016-07-26

Oh I so can feel with you. Licorice also is the only thing I cannot resist. I've never tried those - so will do when around Amsterdam next time.

Daniel Kirstenpfad, 2016-07-26

I can also advise these ones from Klene:

My favourite.

Or these really strong ones "Laurier Drop" (I never came a across a foreigner who liked them though):

Frank van Rijt, 2016-07-26

Laurier Drops? - they have a certain compelling brutality, and (as a foreigner) I will admit to quite liking them once in a while.....

Nick Daisley, 2016-07-27

Schön zu sehen, dass das Paket angekommen ist. Mein Jahresvorrat ist nun auch wieder aufgestockt und muss nun bis zum nächsten Trip nach NL reichen.

Bastian Anthon, 2016-07-28

Favorit muntdrop:

I have to avoid them since I cannot stop eating until finished. Bad for my blood pressure... But so good...

Lars Berntrop-Bos, 2016-08-15

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