BlackBerry DTEK50 :: I like

by Volker Weber


Picked up my DTEK50 today. And I quite like it, Do you see it? Or do you not see it? This is my first BlackBerry that does not say BlackBerry on the front. It's just a non-descriptive touchscreen phone.

Some more photos below ...


It does have a nice grip and the berry on the back. Much like the LEAP.


An extra key on the side. It's programmable, but I have yet to figure out which of the options to choose. Currently it lights up the flashlight.


OK, it's not really the flashlight. Multi-colored flash, 13 MP camera.


3.5 mm headset jack. Rumor has it that there are some new phones coming without one.


Standard MicroUSB port. No fancy USB C.

This is just a really nice and light Android smartphone which feels great, does not cost a fortune and probably will not need a case. It fits right in your hand and you are unlikely to drop it.


And it has zero day patching. When Google releases new security updates, they are on your phone. How about that?


Only Apple ... Oh wait!
Good to see BB is working hard on the turnaround.

Sascha Westphal, 2016-07-27

Does it still have the Message-LED on the front?

Ralph Hammann, 2016-07-28

Yes, it does. It's white.

Volker Weber, 2016-07-28

+1 on the 3.5mm port. My understanding is that the other* phone will be getting rid of the 3.5mm jack in order to make the device thinner. I'm not sure devices really need to be much thinner. I'm trying not to be old man cranky on this, but there's probably a 'sweet' spot in terms of comfortable thinness/thickness and the iPhone 6/6p seem like they are about there.
There are trade-offs between thinness, battery life, and toughness. Since these critters cost I'd prefer things to tip more toward really good battery life and durability than absolute thin.

Craig Wiseman, 2016-07-28

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