Nerdwriter: Casey Neistat - What you don't see

by Volker Weber

A few numbers about Neistat: just a year ago he hit 1 million subscribers. Now he has 4 million. And he is accelerating. It took only 80 days to get from 3 to 4 million. He has almost 100 million views a month. How much money is he making on that? A thousand views are estimated to bring in between one and two dollars. 100 million views thus are between 100,000 and 200,000 dollars a month before expenses.

There is a price to pay. Three weeks ago I walked past his office on Broadway in lower Manhattan and there are a lot of people hanging outside trying to meet him. A year from now he cannot go anywhere without being bothered.


I actually binge watched a lot of his vlog episodes over the past few weeks after my kids kept mentioning this "Casey" guy - and I think you also pointed to him a few weeks ago.

The effort he puts into those videos is amazing and the quality is exceptional. Better than tv.

Although I'm certainly not his target audience - I'm hooked. Hopefully he can keep up his game (and his sanity) though the growing fame...

Matthew Langham, 2016-08-09

Has anyone tried his Beme app?

Ian Bradbury, 2016-08-09

Yes, I have. Not enough interesting content to keep me hooked. I expect it to fail.

Volker Weber, 2016-08-09

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