BlackBerry and Productivity

by Volker Weber

BlackBerry CEO John Chen almost two years ago:

Last week's launch of our new BlackBerry Passport handset provides a clear indication of BlackBerry's singular focus: We are innovating mobile technology for serious users who care about serious productivity.

This clearly has not worked. Productivity at BlackBerry is at an all-time low. Proof point: BlackBerry PR is trying for three consecutive weeks to get me the presentation slides to 15 sessions of a conference I have attended myself:


There were 20 sessions, I have the top left one, the third one on the bottom row is NDA, four are just customer podiums. That makes it 15 PDFs, which BlackBerry cannot find, or cannot sign off on. In three weeks.

I have to assume that BlackBerry is now so security-focussed that they are locking away their marketing collateral so that nobody knows what they are selling.

@BlackBerry: Never mind. I have what I need. Despite your best efforts. :-)


...und dabei hätten Sie es doch mit watchdox absichern können... ;-)

Ralph Hammann, 2016-08-11

Exakt damit haben sie sich so gefesselt, dass sie mir das nicht liefern können.

Die ganze Idee ist krank. Du legst den Mitarbeitern Hand- und Fußfesseln an und wunderst Dich, dass sie jedes Rennen verlieren.

Volker Weber, 2016-08-11

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