Room for improvement

by Volker Weber

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Did a quick bicycle run this morning. If I hadn't activated Outdoor Cycling in Workout that would not have counted as 300 but only as about 150 cals. The Apple Watch does not discover cycling well enough. Manually setting those activities is often to bothersome. Yesterday I was halfway through my bicycle distance before I remembered to turn it on. And when I returned home, I forgot to turn it off until about ten minutes after arrival.

I heard many reports from people who cycle to work and feel that Apple Watch is not correctly registering their activity. And I think that observation is correct.


May I add another observation?
The "Gesamtkalorienverbrauch" out of the trainings app differs from the calories shown in the "Aktivität".
For example the trainings app claimed to have counted 400 calories, but in the "Aktivität" counter only about 360 calories appear. Those counters seem to differ by about 10%.

Martin Funk, 2016-08-12

The Workout app counts active and total calories. Only active calories count towards your move goal.

Volker Weber, 2016-08-12

Oh, how embarrassing, I thought I double checked on that.
And of course the third check showed, you are perfectly right :-)

Martin Funk, 2016-08-13

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