DTEK50 :: This is not a BlackBerry

by Volker Weber


I have had the DTEK50 for more than two weeks and I am struggling to explain why I like it so much. "This is not a BlackBerry" is probably the best I can come up with.

Here is the deal. This phone does not feel like a BlackBerry. It was never designed by the company, it does not say "BlackBerry" on the front and the 'berry logo on the back is hardly noticeable. This phone was not designed for corporate use, it's a TCL reference design for a consumer phone. Thin and light, very decent cameras, stereo speakers front and back. And while it is thin and light for its size, it still feels solid. You put it in your pocket and then just forget about it until you use it. It's a phone for somebody who does not show off.

BlackBerry gives you its secure Android, but you are holding a good midrange Android phone. Andrew Orlowski from The Register was with me in New York, and he shares my sentiments. Read his review here.

[There are no scratches on the screen. I just like to have a black fur as my wallpaper.]


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