BlackBerry ain't Apple

by Volker Weber

Proud announcement by BlackBerry:

I’m happy to announce that a patch for all of the QuadRooter vulnerabilities is now available for the PRIV and DTEK50 users. Customers who bought their devices from should see the update today 

That's good.

and most of our carrier partners will be rolling it out to their users starting this week.

That's not good. You can be as quick as you want, but if you rely on your "carrier partners", you still can't help your customers. And it's not only the carriers. BlackBerry distributed the August patch on the first of the month to their STV100-1 PRIVs. The STV100-4 variant distributed in Europe got it one week later. My DTEK50 still has not seen it. I asked BlackBerry about that and am waiting for an answer. My DTEK50 is a beta device and needed a config change. It does have the hotfix now. New build is AAG124, up from AAF959. The way that hotfixes work, it does not show the correct security patch level. It says July 5 when in fact it is beyond August 5.

Now waiting for the hotfix on the STV100-4 PRIV.

Dog wags the tail, not the other way around. BlackBerry is the tail, carrier is the dog. Only Apple is a dog big enough to wag the carriers. When Apple ships, they ship worldwide, to every single device.

[Update 17. August] The Hotfix is downloading to my STV100-4 PRIV.


Installed on my unlocked STV100-4 PRIV, build AAG111.
Our Vodafone branded PRIVs didn't get the update as yet.

Horia Stanescu, 2016-08-16

AAG111 not arrived here on "no BlackBerry shop", "no carrier" but "electronic retailer unlocked" STV-100-4 version.

Ingo Müller, 2016-08-16

I think BlackBerry is the dog, carrier is the tail. Currently the tail wags the dog, which shouldn´t happen - but BlackBerry is in a complete different position than Apple.

Adalbert Duda, 2016-08-16

That's a big drawback when carriers delay Blackberry updates.
Even Microsoft managed to update Windows 10 Mobile independently (as long as the update does not affect mobile noetwork connections). Apple is not the only one.
So why not Blackberry?

Manfred Wiktorin, 2016-08-16

And my Moto Style X Pure just got the May 1 update from Motoroloa. Bah.

Bill Brown, 2016-08-16

Update is live for Vodafone networks by a few hours.
Small delay, people won't notice.

Horia Stanescu, 2016-08-17

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