IBMers can use Outlook now

by Volker Weber


Just got a heads up from IBM. The CIO office of IBM is supporting Outlook as of now. This is using the technology IBM has developed previously as Project Hawthorn. It connects an Outlook client to a Domino server and is otherwise known as "IBM Mail Support for MS Outlook".

That is going to take some pressure off. It's for Outlook 2013 on Windows only. Poor sods.


2010/2016 support should come this month via Fix Pack. MacOS X not supported as Outlook is completely different on that platform (no MAPI support).



Mathieu Pape, 2016-08-16

So is this the modern DAMO ? Which only lasted 4 years ? and tied into a specific release of Domino ? Did IBM not quote "The latest version of DAMO is built on the Notes/Domino 8.0.x code stream and there are no plans to bring it forward to a more recent version of Notes." It just sounds like an older project has been rehashed, given a new code name, and in my personal opinion its a last ditch support to keep user on the Domino platform and stop CEO/CIO's moving off this platform as they want to use Outlook.

Andy Dennis, 2016-08-18

It is (at least) the third rehash of the Outlook on Domino pattern. And the motivation clearly is to keep selling Domino maintenance. The problem of course is that Outlook is a moving target which eventually moves out of sight.

Volker Weber, 2016-08-18

From a pure technical perspective, it is far better than DAMO ever was (I know, that's not very complicated...). It is fast and stable and has functionality that I did not expect in the first public release (Notes encryption, out-of-office, high-fidelity of Rich Text content, ...).

Mathieu Pape, 2016-08-18

Support for Outlook 2010/2016 is now available for download in Fix Central.

Mathieu Pape, 2016-08-24

Too little too late for many companies unfortunately....

Ray Bilyk, 2016-09-09

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