Sonos is deprecating support on old operating systems

by Volker Weber

Minimum requiremensts for a full featured Sonos controller as of version 6.4 will be:

Older versions will still allow you to play music from your library, from music services, group and ungroup rooms, and set the volume. Adding new players or services and changing the equalizer settings require the minimum operating systems mentioned above.

This change affects only few devices. Less than 2 percent of Android devices are below version 4 (or API version 15), iOS 7 is supported all the way down to the iPad 2, iPad mini and iPhone 4. Sonos customers are unlikely to be still on Vista or XP and Mavericks is suppoted on mid-2007 iMac, late-2008 MacBook and Macbook Air, early-2009 Mac mini and mid-2009 MacBook Pro. Most Apple users are quick to update to the latest version anyway.


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