LDC Via partnership with PSC Group

by Volker Weber

PSC Group and LDC Via have entered into a strategic partnership. Under this partnership PSC Group will adopt LDC Via as a platform for customers seeking to migrate data and applications away from legacy IBM (Lotus) Notes & Domino, and also as a preferred platform for the development of new software applications that might otherwise have been developed on Domino.

That is pretty big. PSC Group is a very respected consultancy in the US. LDC is a group of developers in the UK; love those guys. And LDC has developed a technology that gives you access to your old Notes data without having to run (and thus pay for) a Domino infrastructure.

That's a win for everybody involved. PSC gets to use this technology, LDC sells its solution, the customer is happy. Even IBM wins since it provides a good exit.

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IBM doesn't win anything, they will lose customers as they are not providing any informations about the future livecycle of their most successful platform. There are other options available during the process of off-boarding like migration from Domino DATA to "X" using "Y" to provide the same functionality. I am not naming solutions here, just Google for it.

Oliver Busse, 2016-08-22

Migration business is on fire these days !

Maybe IBM is supporting this PCS / LCD effort ?

Michael BOURAK, 2016-08-22

Thanks for the coverage Volker. We are excited about working with the LDC team. This fits into our overall story, which is far more than just Notes/Domino/XPages. I won't go into details here, but our slides our MWLUG presentation cover a lot more details. http://www.slideshare.net/johnhead/the-fork-in-the-road-the-application-modernization-roadmap-for-notesdominoxpages-customers .

And no Michael, IBM is not involved in this at all.

John Head, 2016-08-22

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