Apple Music Festival 2016

by Volker Weber


Apple has another Music Festival in London. This times it is for Apple Music subscribers only. Which I think is fair enough.

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That means I have to subscribe apple music for one month.

Karl Heindel, 2016-08-25

If 10 € for ten concerts is too much, you can create some new Apple-ID and do a three month trial. There is always a way to cheat.

Volker Weber, 2016-08-25

Every year I apply for tickets. One day. One day.

Ian Bradbury, 2016-08-25

Yes Volker, this came also to my mind. But I thinks that's not fair and so I take the one month subscription.

Karl Heindel, 2016-08-25

+1 Karl

Ian Bradbury, 2016-08-25

One problem with the Apple Music requirement is that subscribers can't use a 3rd gen AppleTV to watch the concerts. Argh. AirPlay from an iPhone/iPad perhaps...

Rod Stauffer, 2016-08-30

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