Office Lens on Windows 10

by Volker Weber


Microsoft has quietly published the Office Lens app for Windows 10. However, Windows Store tells me it is not supported on Surface. Let's hope this is just one of those Windows Store quirks.

Update: Yes, it was only a Windows Store quirk. Now it's available for everything Windows 10.


And it works just as you would expect it:




I don't even see it in the store

John Head, 2016-08-29

You only see stuff in the store that runs on your device.

Volker Weber, 2016-08-29

Volker, what does the table tell you, when you scroll a little down? Like, what might be missing? E.g. Nebo ( ) 'needs' 64-Bit architecture for some reason and would not install on a 32-Bit Windows Tablet.

All, has anybody implemented a digital document management strategy with One Note? I would love to, but for some reason it does not fly with me.

Volker, you are snipping it all in a big, ocr searchable heap, right? Here is another strategy involving a 'numbering apparatus' (? 'Paginierstempel'):

I would be interested to hear, what other people are using / how they are doing it.

Hubert Stettner, 2016-08-29

The App was only submitted for Windows 10 Mobile. The 'quirk' is that despite being a tablet the Surface 3 is considered a PC by the store because it runs a desktop version of Windows. Technically it's not a mobile device.

Max Nierbauer, 2016-08-29

Laut dr. Windows ist es jetzt einer Universal App. Konnte s jetzt nicht selber verifizieren. Schaue ich mir heute Abend erst an.

Lukas Gerlich, 2016-08-30

Great, thank you, Volker, for fixing my request from last week so quickly ... :)

Jochen Kattoll, 2016-08-30

Should have asked earlier ... :-)

Volker Weber, 2016-08-30

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