Photofast Memories Cable & iKlips Duo

by Volker Weber

I brought two memory devices back from IFA and they both serve the same purpose: exchange files between an iPhone or iPad with PCs or Mac, or other iDevices for that matter. I will be first looking at the Memoriescable from Photofast and then at the iKlips Duo from Adam Elements. Both companies are from Taiwan.

Getting files in and out of an iPhone or iPad isn't quite as easy as with an Android device where you just need to attach a UTG-adapter (USB to go) and then a memory stick to that. Apple sells a USB adapter that lets you plug in memory sticks. But it will only transfer photos and videos from the stick. There is no file manager.

Photofast and Adam Elements sell memory sticks (or cables) with two ends. One is USB A plug that goes into your Mac or PC, the other is a Lightning plug. And they also deliver software that lets you move files in and out of the iDevice.

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This is where stuff gets weird. Both use a proprietary app that manages its own internal memory and the external memory you bought from them. What you cannot do is move a video file from your PC or Mac into VLC on your iDevice. Both apps can only transfer stuff to the internal memory of their app. From there you can "open in" other apps. But that means you have to be able to store that data within your mobile device. That is an iOS limitation.

Since you can't move the file into other apps, both Photofast and Adam Elements need to display them themselves, right from external memory without moving them into device storage first. That means they have to duplicate many functions inside their own app, like a photo viewer or a video player, a PDF viewer etc. This is where Photofast goes all crazy. If you have a video player, they might as well let you watch videos from Youtube and Vimeo. And since they can manage files between internal and external memory, why not add OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox and iCloud drive? And since they can backup contacts, calendar, photos, videos and what not from your iDrive, why not add Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram or Tumblr backup?

An interesting feature is that you can hide away and protect sensitive files on that memory stick. Want to carry your pr0n collection outside of the iDevice memory, here is your solution.


Memories Cable not only stores data, but you can also use it to recharge your iDevice. Just connect both ends and the battery gets topped off. Photofast has made the 3rd gen cable toupher than the previous one. A braided nylon mesh adds strength and robustness. If you plug the cable into your Mac or PC and the iDevice at the same time, your computer mounts the drive and your iDevice recharges.


Memory capacity is 32 GB, 64 GB or 128 GB. Do your market research before you buy. A 128 GB cable costs less on Amazon than a 32 GB cable at the official store. In either case, this is a great travel companion, since you can both charge your device as well as move files in and out.


The iKlips Duo looks more like a traditional memory stick with two different ends. It comes with a nice protective case that you can wear on your keychain. It warns you not to plug in both ends at the same time. That is one less feature. However it uses super high-speed MLC flash memory to store its data.

There is an Indiegogo campaign for the iKlips Duo and prices will take your breath away. Capacity goes up all the way to 256 GB for $369.


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