by Volker Weber

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This is all I ever wanted from IoT: simple, one-purpose devices that don't cost a fortune. Now has started to make "Peanuts", the first one being ThermoPeanut. It's driven by a CR2032 battery and talks to your smartphone over Bluetooth Low Energy. The default is one measurement every 15 minutes and an automatic transfer every two hours. As everything, this is configurable. If you press a button on the peanut or refresh from the app, transfer happens immediately.

ThermoPeanut stores measurements for about 15 days at this frequency, says 15 x 24 x 15 equals 5400. The interesting thing is that it pairs with multiple devices and those talk to the same cloud account which gives you unlimited storage of sensor data. All your other devices can see that data. This means that any of your devices left in the Bluetooth range of a peanut can pick up and transfer the data. You don't need a dedicated hub.

ThermoPeanut will work with Nest and IFTTT and you can set alerts for minimum or maximum desired temperature. Monitor the doghouse or the fridge? Make sure the content in your icebox isn't thawing? Want to know the temperature on your camping trip. Plenty of use cases.

Currently I have only one Peanut, but there is room for more.

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How waterproof are these? Will they survive rain?

Federico Hernandez, 2016-09-07

Not at all. Mine is outside, but won't be hit by rain.

Volker Weber, 2016-09-07

Any idea of the real range of the BT signal? I would use an older smartphone as a BT hub.
The 60 meters on the page sound quite high compared to the official 10 meters for BT LE.

Bernd Schuster, 2016-09-08

gekauft! danke

Viktor Dexheimer, 2016-09-08

Bummer. But still worth testing and playing with it. At this price point.

Federico Hernandez, 2016-09-08

Nice, on my wishlist! anyone by chance having a "magic code" (i guess coupon code)? :-) 29 isn't that much, but doesn't hurt to ask :)

Herbert Poul, 2016-09-09

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