Sonos 6.4

by Volker Weber

We’re listening differently. More and more Sonos listeners are choosing curated radio stations and custom playlists over individual tracks. Less time spent searching for single songs, more time spent filling your home with a continual flow of music. So in response, we’ve evolved our Sonos App to make this new style of listening as fast and easy as possible.

Sonos made this a stealth update by syncing with the Apple keynote. This was a long beta until they got it right. You now just tap on what you want to hear and Sonos starts playing. You can still manage queues, but you probably will not do it often. I like the change, but I hardly ever resist change. YMMV.

I am always one or two cycles ahead. And I am currently enjoying two new features that have upgraded my experience tremendously. I never talk about unreleased software but I just want to say that I love how Sonos improves their products that are already out in the market. Their support is second to none.

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Sonos is great, but there are two things that i miss at sonos:

- no PC-Speaker output. It would give me better Sound when playing a game or watching a video. No additional speakers needed then.

- better support of audio books. I hear audio books in my car direct from my iphone (via bluetooth to the car entertainment system). I just want to start hearing the book on my Play:1 in my office at the same position as i interrupted it while leaving my car.
Today i have to select the same book in the controller on my pc and "fast forward" manually, as sonos does not know, where and witch book was interrupted.
So just be able to change audio output of iphone from "car bluetooth" to "sonos".

Hans Giesers, 2016-09-08 20:04

If only they would improve their desktop (Mac) controller in the same way they do it with the mobile devices. Still waiting for the "search all music services" feature.

Oliver Regelmann, 2016-09-08 22:45

@Hans. Full ACK.

What I am also still missing after all these years:
Show "year" of albums and songs. Make possible to sort albums / songs by "year".

It makes no sense if you have dozens / hundreds of songs of a certain artist / group on HD, when all is listed in alphabetical order only. I want to look for "what was the next album of XY in chronological order" etc. I am pretty sure there are many Sonos users who want the same.

Thanks, Sonos ... I don't give up :)

Stephan Perthes, 2016-09-09 09:41

Just try to not be a pain in the ass, Stephan. I am VERY sure that Sonos is not going to add this feature. We can discuss in private, why that won't happen.

Volker Weber, 2016-09-09 09:53

Just speculating about the reasons:

PC audio out is hardly going to be working well (there will be slight delay due to encoding of the stream, and it could be hard to get the driver done so well that it won't have issues on one system or another). This would break the "friction-less" experience of the Sonos system. It would be a nightmare to support. Driver updates, compatibility with other software, audio out support for stuff that uses Protected Media Path (BluRay, DVD...) would be missing, re-encoding other people's signal could break copy protection schemes and could create liability for Sonos.

It would also tie the product to a particular market - Sonos would, in essence, become a wireless computer speaker product... you really don't want to be associated with that niche.

IOW, if you really want it, use a Play:5 or Connect and tie it to the audio out, it's probably never going to happen directly.

Jan Tietze, 2016-09-10 10:48

Is there any reason why Playbar is dramatically on sale on certain retailers?
New autum sale offer for 2k16?
Best chance to get one ;)

Tim Schwarz, 2016-09-21 14:17

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