Logitech wants to sell you cloud storage

by Volker Weber


Logitech lets you store everything that's happening on the Circle camera for 24 hours, Netgear provides a week for Arlo. Netgear has always offered to store more than a week for a fee. Logitech now joins the club.

The interesting change of direction here is that Logitech never marketed the Circle camera as a security device. And I am also not using it that way. I think that Circle is the best home camera to stay on top of what is happening there. The day briefs are great. And the software lets you quickly jump through the day to look at specific events. The fact that video is only stored for a day also reduces the creep factor.

I have had the extended storage now for three weeks, and I have never ever looked at it. Sorry, Logitech, not buying.


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