Rocky needs your help

by Volker Weber

ZZ3FA44157 This is Rocky, amongst his friends, ten years ago at Lotusphere. Things have gone downhill from there. Now he needs your help.

Update: You did it. In one day. What was an unsurmountable problem for Rocky has been solved by 79 generous people. Let this be another lesson in collaboration and friendship. When we stand together we can make big things happen. They are small to us, but together we are strong. Very strong.



Thanks for posting this. I made a small contribution and re-tweeted his appeal, but this is the heavy guns.

@Rocky - wishing you all the best and looking forwards to you smiling again.

Andrew Magerman, 2016-10-12

Thanks for letting us know.

Markus Dierker, 2016-10-12

Vowe is a good mother. Thanks for sharing.

Hubert Stettner, 2016-10-12


Christian Tillmanns, 2016-10-12

Thanks for the info, Done. Still have the Notes Bible on my Desk ...

Christian Kube, 2016-10-12


Bernd Hort, 2016-10-12


Beat Leuenberger, 2016-10-13

Done. Vowe is a good mother.

Marco Föllmer, 2016-10-13


Alex Wokurka, 2016-10-13


Heiko Voigt, 2016-10-13

Goal achieved. Great! Vowe is a good mother!

Thomas Lang, 2016-10-13

wirklich eine tolle Aktion von Dir!

Pedro Sola, 2016-10-13

Das Ergebnis ist natürlich phantastisch aber Manches läuft doch gewaltig schief auf dieser Welt.
All the best for Rocky Oliver.

Henning Heinz, 2016-10-13


Lars Berntrop-Bos, 2016-10-13


Oliver Schult, 2016-10-13

Ich lese regelmäßig, habe es aber nie für nötig halten, mich zu registrieren oder mitzureden.
Heute habe ich es getan, nur um zu sagen:
Das ist der Hammer. Das ist einfach klasse.

Uwe Hennecke, 2016-10-13

You all got the update. Let's go.

Hubert Stettner , 2016-10-14

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