My favorite cup

by Volker Weber


Last year, I attended a party at Wolvesmouth together with Karen, on invitation by Sonos. When we arrived we were both handed a steel cup and filled that up with ice cold beer. After a long evening and many refills we were told to keep the cup. They even gave me two extra cups, so Karen and I returned home with two of those each.

I have not used a different cup since.


This Hydro Flask cup not only has the perfect size for me, it also keeps everything inside cold for hours. Fits my quality obsession perfectly. What may feel expensive at first, pays back over time.

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what a great gift for Karen to buy for a tea drinking friend! :-p

Amy Blumenfield, 2016-10-14

Uh oh. Did I just make a mistake? ;-)

Volker Weber, 2016-10-14

Absolutely not. We exchange bday & xmas gifts. I was subtly making my case. I'm known for my subtle ways.

Amy Blumenfield, 2016-10-14

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