Now we know everything about the DTEK60

by Volker Weber


The official announcement of the DTEK60 must be imminent. The specs were leaked by BlackBerry, the photos and the price were leaked by B&H Photo in New York, and it's already listed in Canada.

If you look at the photos over at, you can see it is a TCL device like the DTEK50. I also pegged the price right at $499. It's going to be more expensive than the Priv which is currently on sale at 474 € incl. VAT.

Now BlackBerry has to get out of the door with their new device.


I am eagerly awaiting for your review, presuming that you already own the device:-).
Curious about the DTEK 50 / 60 comparison.
BTW, do you have any info about the delayed DTEK 50 October security update? PRIV got it two weeks ago.

Horia Stanescu, 2016-10-21

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