You learn something every day

by Volker Weber


When editing a text on iPhone 6S or 7, force touch the keyboard to get a track pad. #mindblown


That tip made my day. Specially in those tiny input fields like the URL in Safari.

Bernd Hort, 2016-10-20

After activating the track pad, without lifting the finger, "click"
- once to select a word
- twice to select a sentence
- three times to select a paragraph.
"click" means, apply pressure.

Martin Engel, 2016-10-20

wieder was gelernt...

Michael Klüsener, 2016-10-20

Definitiv ein Feature sind das 6s/7 zu kaufen. Diese Lupe und das Gefummel mit dem Finger nervt.

Roland Dressler, 2016-10-20

Design like this is what makes Apple Apple.

Ian Bradbury, 2016-10-20

That is the problem with gestures. They are hard to discover.

Mariano Kamp, 2016-10-20

Sometimes it pays off to actually click through the clickbait stories "13 new features in iOS 10 you did not know about", or "20 hidden secrets in your shiny new iPhone 6s" ;-)

Martin Engel, 2016-10-20

And on the iPad, tap the keyboard with two fingers...

Marcus Kuba, 2016-10-20

This made my day. Thank you!

Bill Kron, 2016-10-20

geht auch mit meinem normalen iPhone 6

Heiko Müller, 2016-10-20

Do you know this one: Force touch on the print preview produces a PDF, that you can forward/open in other apps. BTW: This even works with documents out of managed web domains (= corporate Intranet), that you then can only forward with an unmanaged mail account (= private). Strange.

Peter Meuser, 2016-10-21

I learned about this with the "Tips" app that started up on my new phone. I suggest everybody go through it. It's about 40 pages, and a lot of it is obvious stuff but there are 4-5 gems like this in there.

Erik Brooks, 2016-10-22

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