A few thoughts on the Galaxy Note 7 aftermath

by Volker Weber

Lots of articles about what the best replacement is and I find them not very useful. Some thought in no particular order:

If an iPhone is not in your budget, neither is a Pixel. You will have to compromise. That's OK, but don't pretend you didn't. I have seen plenty of capable Android devices in the 300 to 400 range.


And which capable Android device in the 300 to 400 Euro range provides zero day patching?
At the moment i only see Blackberry with the DTEK 50 there.

Manfred Wiktorin, 2016-10-20

BlackBerry DTEK 50 is a nice device, quite as fast and fluid as the PRIV.
Battery life is not so bad at all, it lasts a full day; you really should try DTEK to see it it fits your needs.
Just bought the DTEK and of course it is no iPhone, but I don't think I have compromised something after using the new iPhone 7 for two days and then gave it back.

Horia Stanescu, 2016-10-21

Manfred, when we looked a couple of weeks ago, OnePlus was also doing very well.

Volker Weber, 2016-10-21

Any thoughts on how the current Windows Phones compare with these Android/iOS offerings?

Speaking of camera, I got my wife a Nokia 1020 for circa €80 "as new" and she takes some wonderful photos with it.

Pedro Quaresma, 2016-10-21

With the 1020 you are living in the past. And if you like that, there is not a problem with that.

Windows Phone peaked with the 1520. Alle the x30, x40 and x50 never reached this sophistication. Nokia was busy making the transition to Microsoft work and we know that failed. Today we have Windows 8.1 with declining interest from developers. We have some new Windows 10 apps but no phones that would run the platform well. The 950/XL are "good enough" but they cannot compete with the current iPhones or top Android devices. Even cheaper Android devices have gotten really good.

We will see if Microsoft can restart the Windows 10 Mobile platform in the future. For now I have given up on them.

Volker Weber, 2016-10-21

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