Six weeks with the ThermoPeanut

by Volker Weber


It's been about six weeks with the ThermoPeanut and my initial enthusiasm has been superseded by disappointment. Yes, it is easy to setup, yes it does work. But unfortunately not in any useful capacity to me.

Ever since the Eve Weather revealed it's disappointing Bluetooth range, I wanted something else to track the outside temperature. The ThermoPeanut isn't IP rated meaning it can only really be used indoors. But I have one Belkin Netcam HD which has survived three years outside and I attached the ThermoPeanut to its mount. Unlike the Eve Weather, it never showed connection issues. Remember, both use Bluetooth. Where the Peanut connects, the Eve fails. I was happy.

Ten days later, the ThermoPeanut was unresponsive. The battery which should have lasted six months was dead.

So I replaced the battery and tried again. Ten days later, it was dead again.

I asked for a second sample and put that outdoors, under the roof. I took the first sample indoors. Both with a new battery. Ten days later the new peanut was dead, the old one was doing fine. Now I knew that I could not put the peanut outside without burning a CR2032 in less than two weeks.

I only took the first sample indoors as a control case. I don't need to record the inside temperature because that is a steady 22 degrees Celsius, plus or minus half a degree, no matter what happens outside. Now I have put them in the fridge and it shows a steady 4 degrees for one zone and -18 for the other. If the fridge leaves its target temperature zone and cannot come back (door open) it starts beeping. The peanuts don't add anything there.

Maybe one day I find a use case.


Nothing runs like a Netatmo !

Of course, another price range, but very good build quality (USB-Powered) and integrates into WiFi and the app constantly gets better...and - it just works.

Eric Bredtmann, 2016-10-24

Perhaps mine is a less demanding scenario, but after about the same time period I am quite happy. One is in my daughter's nursery and the other is in a server cupboard in the house.

Both are within range of a iPad permanently connected in the kitchen. So I see the data synched to my phone, even though that's not always within range.

Now if I can only get IFTTT to work with Alexa to speak a warning when the temperature is too cold in the nursery, or the server cupboard is too hot!

Chris Lindley, 2016-10-27

Ironically, I've just returned from a week's holiday to find that one of them has run out of battery.

Perhaps they need to get back to the firmware and optimise power consumption.

Chris Lindley, 2016-11-07

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