Inhi Cho Suh announces Watson Workspace

by Volker Weber

"The Future of Work with Watson: Build Tomorrow’s Workplace Today with the Magic of Cognitive" - this is how IBM envisions collaboration in the future. Watch the 44 minutes and let me know what you think. I found some humor in the the whole theme "cyber illusion".

Do you understand what this is? It's messaging, Project Toscana. Like Slack. Or Microsoft Teams. Click?


"Workplace"? Oh gosh, not again please...

Andy Mell, 2016-10-26

@Andy - first thing I thought with that name. Many many scars in the "old world"

Paul Mooney, 2016-10-26

Is that Ed Brill sitting 2 along from the blonde lassie that goes on stage?

John Lindsay, 2016-10-26

Andy and Paul, Space. Workspace.

John, is is Ed indeed.

Volker Weber, 2016-10-26

Insisting that an adjective is a noun correlates highly with failure.

source: Watson.

David Richardson, 2016-10-26

One comment - whilst the entertainer was... entertaining, he only left enough time for what seemed like 10 minutes of a panel, plus 10 minutes of demo.

Both were pretty good by recent standards, but I was left wishing I'd heard more about the product and skipped that final (and very obvious) card sketch for a bit more detail on why IBM sees this as important and what kinds of use cases they're looking to satisfy.

Stuart McIntyre, 2016-10-26

Stuart I agree. The session was a bit unbalanced. We did other breakouts that had a lot more demo. I do not know if they were recorded but if not, I will work with marketing to make separate recordings.

Ed Brill, 2016-10-27

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