Microsoft is bringing the sexy back

by Volker Weber

A few thoughts on yesterday's events, in a particular order:

So, here we are. Microsoft is making a machine to lure the creative community, which frankly has not been served well by Apple lately. At the same time, Apple is going after big business*. The caveat is Windows. Yes, the face got prettier. But the dragon is only sleeping.

*) You have to watch the first 55 minutes of this video. It teaches you how to prevent a migration (hint: application readiness assessment).


I am a bit confused, what Microsoft is doing there. A change from the big target group of powerpoint-clipart-users to the much smaller group of graphic enthusiasts?
But maybe the powerpoint users will use it as a whiteboard... (

Thomas Langel, 2016-10-27

Sad to see that one must be young (and preferably beautiful) to be creative.

There was a very brief shot of a grizzled beard at 1:10, but otherwise this advert cannot be talking to me....

Nick Daisley, 2016-10-27

i definetely do not need one, but i sure as hell want one! What a beaut

Kai Schmalenbach, 2016-10-27

Thomas, why "change" and not "add"?

Nick, beautiful people in ads, that is a riot. Never been used before, right?

Volker Weber, 2016-10-27

To-the-point-analysis like always. If there was an Apple on the back of this thing my credit card would be in flames, but I don't want a Trojan dragon. This is the kind of innovation we creatives expected and got out of Cupertino since Steve took the reign back. Today might mark the once unlikely week where I get delighted by a Microsoft presentation and bored by one from Apple. But the day is not over yet …

Dietmar Liehr, 2016-10-27

Volker: most ads use beautiful people, but often with an admixture of crusties like me in recognition of how the working world really looks. Just interesting, I thought.

Nick Daisley, 2016-10-27

Fletcher Previn did a great show in the linked video although I admit that MacOS fullscreen mode alone is still driving me crazy here.

Microsoft Studio looks like a great device but as I still need a Laptop the Book would probably fit better for my purpose.

I don't think I need one but I want one. Can't remember when I thought this about a device from Dell or HP.

Henning Heinz, 2016-10-27

The mini-DP, is it just for a second display or can it also be run in target display mode?

Not that I have the money, but s.o. might want to attach the $2k book to the $3k display. Or the Lumia. ;)

Thanks to vowe, I got the Pro 3, the wife got the 3, my parents the Pro 4. Complaints reduced to a minimum compared to old laptop days. I pretty much like the way, MS is going.

Kai Nehm, 2016-10-27

I think that is for a projektor.

Volker Weber, 2016-10-27

Hmmh, so Apple didn't have anything as sexy ;(

Also a tricked out MBP can only do 16 GB, same as my model from "Late 2013". How very disappointing ;(

Mariano Kamp, 2016-10-27

Your comment on Panos as a presenter are spot on. Incredible to watch.

Michael Sampson, 2016-10-28

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