Slack is afraid

by Volker Weber

Dear Microsoft,

Wow. Big news! Congratulations on today’s announcements. We’re genuinely excited to have some competition.

Not of IBM, though.

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My guess is Slack is not worried about IBM, because they are partnering. And I don't just mean the Watson Workspace integration. The CEO of Slack was on stage at World of Watson, talking about the Watson integration with the Slack platform. I am guessing some form of partnership is happening there.

John Head, 2016-11-02

That would beg the question, why IBM tries to chase them with a messaging product of their own.

Volker Weber, 2016-11-02

Slack is wise enough to know that IBM will not compete in the long run.

Craig Wiseman, 2016-11-02

"...When we push a same-day fix in response to a customer’s tweet..."

I love that they mention it, but I even love it more that they really do it!

Martin Cygan, 2016-11-02

I've looked at Slack and Watson Workspace. And Microsoft Teams. If IBMs progress since january is indicative of it's current pace, it'll be eating the dust left behind by the others soon.
Also: looked at the Microsoft Teams blog post linked to in vowe's post:
There is a bit in it by Accenture. Who used to be a huge IBM customer. Funny they are so happy with capabilities they left behind years ago. It saddens me IBM has not put more effort in the Domino / Sametime productline, silly me really likes them.

Lars Berntrop-Bos, 2016-11-03

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