From Evernote to Notes

by Volker Weber

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I migrated from Evernote to OneNote a while ago, and I have not looked back. I have a few hundred notes that I can arrange in OneNote just as I please and it also lets me take handwritten notes on iPad Pro and Surface.

OneNote isn't for everyone though. People who only keep a few dozen notes, on iOS and macOS devices only, may be better off with the Notes application available on both. It's all synced through iCloud so you don't need another user id. Migrating from Evernote to Notes is extremely easy. This is how I migrated Ute on my own Mac.

  1. Create new user. Login. Log into iCloud.
  2. Install Evernote. Log into Evernote. Wait for all notes to sync.
  3. Mark all notes. Export to an .enex file.
  4. Import the .enex file into Notes. Wait for all notes to sync.
  5. Remove Evernote. Logout of new user account. Delete user account.

Steps 1 and 5 are only necessary if you migrate somebody else. If you migrate your own data, you only need to export to .enex and import into Notes.

No more nagging from Evernote about upgrading to Premium, for a user who clearly does not need Premium.


Why not using Keep? OneNote is terrible in respect of resources consumption

Serge Shakhovsky, 2016-11-07

Becaue Keep does not support Apple Pencil and Surface Pen. OneNote works perfectly for me.

Volker Weber, 2016-11-07

Since a couple of months OneNote likes to ask for my password around 5 times a day. Did anybody else see that and how did you fix it?

Mariano Kamp, 2016-11-07

@Mariano: Not 5 times a day but more often than before.

Werner Götz, 2016-11-07

Personally, I've tried Notes and don't like it. For what I do, Evernote works much better. I have several thousand notes on Evernote and upgrading only shows up every couple months.

How do you "select all notes" in Evernote?

Eddie Gartrell, 2016-11-07

Click Notes->cmd+a?

I have a "Apple Notes" Backup of all my "Evernotes". You can even set a Timer just like in Evernote, its called "Reminders" :)

Stanislaus Landeis, 2016-11-07

@Werner, wasn't too sure, so I counted. 5 times in between 2pm and now 6:24pm.

Really wondering what is causing it.

Mariano Kamp, 2016-11-07

Mariano, same here. But I "feel" it's less today than it was some weeks ago.

But still very annoying!

Thomas Lang, 2016-11-07

@Serge - I like Keep too, especially the web interface. The Android app is very unstable (it frequently crashes when in use on my 3 Android devices), and there have been very few new features added to it for a while now.

To me, it smells like Keep will eventually join iGoogle, Google Reader et al in Google's code bin.

Stephen Bailey, 2016-11-08

@Thomas, Werner. Volker suggested to login to the site in the browser. I did on all devices and - knock on wood - in the last four hours I didn't have to login again - which is new!

I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Mariano Kamp, 2016-11-08

Never mind.

Mariano Kamp, 2016-11-08

Now, if only there was a migration path from OneNote (free version) to Notes...

Dirk Moeller, 2016-11-09

Microsoft meanwhile pushed out a new version of OneNote (iOS) and acknowledges the issue. Also mentioned that they did some changes that may fixed it.

Love it.

Mariano Kamp, 2016-11-15

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