BlackBerry updates continue to disappoint

by Volker Weber

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BlackBerry applied the November security fixes to their secure version of Android and released them on Monday. So far, excellent. But they fail time and again to get these updates out to their phones in the field. DTEK60 got the update on Monday, but both DTEK50 and PRIV are still telling me they are up to date with their October fix. These are not carrier devices, they come directly from BlackBerry.

When you activate a BlackBerry Android device, it will connect to the Google Play Store and update it's applications, amongst them the BlackBerry Keyboard. And there are less than 500,000 installs.


If BlackBerry has sold less than half a million Android phones, why does it take them weeks to update them?

Update 11. Nov 2016, 15:00: PRIV now installing November security patch. DTEK50 still insists on October update being the latest.


Same here. No November update so far on DTEK50.

As mentioned before, I specifically bought this device because of BB's promise of continuous firmware maintenance and security updates.

Hanno Zulla, 2016-11-11

They do their updates. It's their logistics that stink.

Volker Weber, 2016-11-11

my Priv has been updated, I checked and had it available on Monday. Does BlackBerry release the update by region?

Andreas Ponte, 2016-11-11

I am afraid can only get industrial strength bla-bla out of BlackBerry. "World's safest smartphone" ... Which makes it even more unpredictable and unreliable.

Volker Weber, 2016-11-11

Same here, too. DTEK50 (from Shop Blackberry) and Priv (from Vodafone) are at the October Patchlevel..

Ralph Hammann, 2016-11-11

Our 4 PRIV devices, VDF RO versions, were updated yesterday.
Cannot understanding a thing from this mess.

Horia Stanescu, 2016-11-11

Finally I got an update this morning. My DTEK50 is now on October Patch level :-) Perhaps I will get the November patch in December?

The device was bought on free market. It would be nice if Blackberry could shed some light on the way they distribute the updates to customers. Especially the ones who did not buy the mobile from Blackberry.

Carsten Meyer, 2016-11-11

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