Not your father's Lotusphere

by Volker Weber


IBM Connect 2017 promises to be a complete departure from the Lotusphere/Connect format we have known for 20+ years. That's why it is moving to San Francisco. Listen to this video in which Inho Cho Suh explains the thinking. If that frightens you, then you should also listen to Steve Mills in this video. Nothing ever goes away.

There is a lot going on at IBM in the collaboration space. The ship is finally turning, which takes a bit of time. I recently crashed a party where IBM talked to select business partners and customers. I am not going to spill the beans here when I tell you that a major refactoring is under way for Connections which will finally make the platform more extensible. You have seen IBM partner with Cisco for RTC (Real Time Communication) and Box for EFS (Enterprise File Sharing) instead of always reinventing everything. You can still roll it IBM style with Sametime and Connections Files, but there is a whole new layer being developed on top of that. As Mills says, nothing ever goes away. But you have to catch the next wave unless you want to end up in the washing machine.

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