Designed by Apple in California

by Volker Weber


This is a nice present for the Apple fan. Jony Ive writes:

While this is a design book, it is not about the design team, the creative process or product development. It is an objective representation of our work that, ironically, describes who we are. It describes how we work, our values, our preoccupations and our goals. We have always hoped to be defined by what we do rather than by what we say.

We strive, with varying degrees of success, to define objects that appear effortless. Objects that appear so simple, coherent and inevitable that there could be no rational alternative.

450 photographs of past and current Apple products, from 1998’s iMac to 2015’s Apple Pencil. Available in two sizes starting tomorrow on and in very few select Apple Stores.

25.9 x 32.8 cm 199 € (incl. VAT) or $ (plus tax)
33.0 x 41.3 cm 299 € (incl. VAT) or $ (plus tax)


At least it's touch enabled.

I'd be happy to look at a copy someone else bought.

Craig Wiseman, 2016-11-15

Soon to be found in design museums around the world.

Ian Bradbury, 2016-11-15

Not sure I like this nostalgic, self-obsessed, backward-looking perspective that Apple is demonstrating in 2016. The '40 in 40' video was one thing, but you could argue this is going too far.

Stuart McIntyre, 2016-11-15

Lutz, I think you mean soldering, not welding. And Apple did not have a future for at least five years. Actually, Michael Dell once suggested to shut it down and give the money back to investors.

Volker Weber, 2016-11-16

Or gluing.

The first part of the MS Surface Studio launch video had had a short section where the device came together (with all the screws, pieces, etc).

With the soldering and gluing that Apple does, it would look very different for a Mac.

Craig Wiseman, 2016-11-16

Well, that was a hinge with springs etc. Good German engineering. Did you know that Microsoft's Design chief is a German who learned tool making? That is the highest mechanical profession here.

Volker Weber, 2016-11-16

Indeed. Mr. Groene has a very interesting backstory.

Craig Wiseman, 2016-11-17

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