Microsoft Connect();

by Volker Weber


I watched hours of presentations from Connect(); yesterday. Isn't it wonderful, how you can take all of this in without having to sit in an airplane for hours on end? And I am completely at awe how Microsoft has corrected so many mistakes they made in the past. It has been 15 years since Ballmer called Linux a cancer. And now they joined the Linux foundation, bring the CEO of Github on stage, provide a free layer of Visual Studio and SQL Server to everybody. They might eventually even be able to fix Windows. ;-)

The part of the demo I liked best was the continuous delivery of apps DevOps style. And of course Visual Studio for Mac.

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bei continuous vielleicht 'n u vergessen? sorry - ich weiß auchnichtganzgenau, wiemann das schreibt.....

Manfred Paschen, 2016-11-17

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