Watson Workspace :: How are you liking it?

by Volker Weber


It has been almost four weeks since I got invited to Watson Workspace. Then I invited a lot of other people. Time to look back? How are you liking it? Any thoughts?



Volker Weber, 2016-11-21

I only use it in the IBM Champion chatroom, and its fairly active. still missing a lot of features to be really useful.

John Head, 2016-11-21

Loaded it once, saw all the coming soon signs, left. Have not been back.

Carl Tyler, 2016-11-21

Not enough features to decide, yet ...

Let me explain:
I have no inside knowledge, but I'm guessing that IBM has started to build a platform first (API first). That - and the option of adding Watson services - looks promising (I'm a developer - YMMV). But I did not have the time to start playing with the API, yet. So not enough of experience to start talking about that either.

For an end user the current version lacks too many features to be usable/comparable to other products. But it's a preview/alpha sort of thing, so I'm waiting for IBM Connect to decide on that.

Hans-Peter Kuessner, 2016-11-22

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