Apple Watch 2 :: Two months later

by Volker Weber


I have been wearing the Watch 2 for two months and decided to go back to the original Watch for a bit. The interesting difference is the speed. You do not notice the Watch 2 being faster when you switch to it. But you do notice the old Watch being slower when you go back. How so? You are often ahead of the Watch when you handle it.

Other than that, it feels exactly the same. No pressure to upgrade. watchOS 3 is the real upgrade, and that's on the original Watch as well.

One recommendation: buy cheap. The aluminium case is lighter, and lighter is better. Buy the steel body only when you want more bling. If you can't decide between the new Series 1 and Series 2, get the Series 2 even if you pay more. Waterproofing lets you keep it on when near water. I don't need GPS, but if you do, Series 2 is a must. You can leave your iPhone behind during exercise and still get exact tracking.

Series 2 also has better battery life than the original Watch. In normal use I have about 65% charge left after almost 24 hours.


Yes, the battery life of the Watch 2 is amazing.

Wearing it today for 10 Hours (just a day in the office, no workouts, runs etc.) and it has 90% left.

There's always so much complaining about battery life but for the Watch 2 Apple did an amazing Job!

Harald Gärttner, 2016-11-22

I have no idea what the battery life is like on my Watch 0.

Yesterday was the first time it ever ran out of power. Admitted I started the day @ 4am and didn't get back home until 10pm - and the watch was in full use all day.

The fact is that I long ago removed the battery complication from the screen. I just never needed to think about it. And yesterday will not change that. For me - and I bet others too - it lasts plenty.

Ian Bradbury, 2016-11-22

Apple was so close to deliver the perfect sports watch for the 99% of us. But Apple just doesn't get it: No proper alerts for runners, no continous HR monitoring for strength training, no export for GPS routes and so on.

I had the Series 1 and sold it again, because without GPS it wasn't useful for sports. I had the Series 2 and sent it back to Apple, because even with GPS it still isn't useful for sports. Probably won't bother with Series 3 when it comes out, because I already ran out of patience with Apple getting simple stuff right.

Ralph Inselsbacher, 2016-11-26

Da bin ich ganz anderer Ansicht. Das ist alles eine Frage der Software, und auch bei der Apple Watch gibt es da sehr gute Sachen.

Wer eine reine Sportuhr sucht, der findet woanders was besseres. Die Garmin Fenix 3 kommt mir da in den Sinn.

Volker Weber, 2016-11-26

Mag schon sein, dass es da was von anderen Entwicklern gäbe, aber mir würde die Aktivitäts-App völlig ausreichen, wenn diese ein, zwei, sinnvolle Features mehr hätte. Ich kann einfach nicht nachvollziehen, dass man sich bei Apple so tolle Gedanken macht, auch Rollstuhlfahrer miteinzubeziehen, auf der anderen Seite aber Sache einfach zu vergessen scheint. Ja, es ist alles nur eine Sache der Software, aber gerade hier trifft Apple sehr sehr eigenartige Entscheidungen, wie z.B. beim Personen-Sync in Fotos.

Eine reine Sportuhr wie die Fenix 3 käme mir nie ans Handgelenk; das ist absolut nicht, was ich gerne hätte.

Ralph Inselsbacher, 2016-11-26

Ralph, nur wenn die Aktivitäten-App nicht genau das liefert, was Du persönlich haben willst, heisst das nicht, dass Apple nicht gründlich nachdenkt. Mir fehlen Deine Lieblingsfeatures gar nicht.

Es gibt aber wunderbare Apps für Sportler, etwa Strava, die mehr leisten. Und das ist nur EIN Beispiel.

Volker Weber, 2016-11-26

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