GoPro is going down hard

by Volker Weber

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Mark my words: GoPro is toast. This company will not survive their own stupidity. Not only did they try to build a drone from scratch and launched it without a test. And then had to call back every single one of them when they fell out of the sky. Not only did they get pummeled by the incumbent DJI and their Mavic Pro.

No, not only that. Now somebody has decided that you cannot use their existing remote control software without a login to a "GoPro+" account. And you need to be connected to the Internet to do that. How do you connect to the camera? You enable a Wifi access point, then connect your phone to that access point, then you talk to your camera. That is complicated enough. But now that remote control software wants access to cellular data so it fcuking can log you in. Oh, great.

What is the problem, you say? GoPro are used everywhere. No connection required. Until now.

GoPro it was nice knowing you. Bye bye. Here is your rating:



Couldn't agree more!

Thomas Lang, 2016-12-31

How could that happen, given the amount of people usually working on software. Did anyone test it at all?

Patrick Bohr, 2016-12-31

Software designed by Marketing

Volker Weber, 2016-12-31

Interestingly DJI is doing something in a way similar, certainly with the Osmo. I can't remember the exact details, but when I first set up my Osmo I had to toggle between the two networks (i.e. my WiFi to register & I think also to download updates and the Osmo WiFi to link phone and camera), I think possibly even several times.

I have a vague memory something similar might have happened again a few weeks later with a software update, but I'm not entirely sure about that one.

Still love the Osmo though. Even with the little practice I've had so far I'm getting results I'm quite happy with.

PS: There might have been something similar with my Phantom 3 as well, but it's been well over 4 months since I last used that unfortunately

Armin Grewe, 2016-12-31

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