Make it count

by Volker Weber


If you work out, then this post is not for you. Move on. But if you don't, listen up.

This is a trick you can play on yourself. You don't need to spend any money. Actually, money won't help you at all. Yes, you can buy a gym membership like everybody else does in January. And then feel the guilt that you are paying for something that you really should be using, but today, right now, you are too busy, tired, ... You know what I am talking about, right?

Here is the trick. Decide on something you want to do for yourself. And then, when you did it, cross if off on your calendar. Once you got one row of crosses, it becomes addictive. If you have ten, you have formed a habit. Do not cheat, otherwise the calendar becomes worthless. Do your thing, and then cross it off. Day by day. The mind trick is that you don't want to see a gap in your calendar. Once you crossed off a few days, you want to cross off today as well.


If you have an Apple Watch, start tomorrow. Close all three rings in a day. Do it for seven days and you get a special award. And when you succeeded, then do it again. If you didn't succeed, keep trying until you do. And then do it again. And again. I have now done it 84 times. I spare you the calculator: it's 588 days.

It's that easy. Don't break the chain.


Nice! Btw, is this your current move goal? 600 kcal?

Peter Wolfram, 2017-01-02

Kann ich nur so unterschreiben, bin im Moment bei 587 Tagen/83 Wochen....

Gruß, Fridolin.

Fridolin Koch, 2017-01-03

Erst 12 Wochen (seit Eintreffen der Apple Watch 2), aber konsequent mit gleichem Aktivitätsziel und gutem Vorsatz für 2017. Danke für das Vorbild!

Tobias Vogel, 2017-01-03

Oh wie schön. Dafür schreibe ich das alles.

Volker Weber, 2017-01-03

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