The totally inofficial guide to Verse on Premises

by Volker Weber

Stephan Wissel:

Verse on premises was a long (out)standing promise to the IBM customer base. Not everybody is ready to embrace the cloud, but interested in the new way to work. In SmartCloud Notes, the backend for Verse in the Cloud, all search is powered by Apache SOLR. If Verse got delivered as is, that would have required substantial hardware and skill investments for the on-premises customers.

So I made a bet with Michael Alexander, whom I worked with on TPTSNBN, that we could use standard Domino capabilities, not requiring Solr. Based on prototypes with vert.x and Java8 we gained confidence and got the go ahead to build the search component as OSGi plug-in (in Java6). So the search part (not the UI or other functionality) is on me.

Grab your pocket protector and read on.

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Thx for the promo :-)
There's also a followup article on "lessons learned" during development

Stephan H. Wissel, 2017-01-04

Great news, thanks for sharing! It's a pity that Java8 is still not ready, though.

@Stephan: Nice work, indeed. I can feel your pain working with the dated JVM6.

For me, the best part is this:
„[...] Jim Cooper, C expert in the core Domino team, provided code updates (also included in the upcoming FP8), that dramatically improve read performance for any document [...]“

:-) Very much looking forward to FP8.

Jörg Weske, 2017-01-04

Ten minutes of testing:

- Contacts has the old iNotes UI
- Calendar has the old iNotes UI
- Oh, wait. There's a new calendar UI with different colour coding when I click on the little icon over that today row at the bottom
- Notes db links or doclinks disappear when opening mails in Verse. IMSMO does this better. Even Traveler does this better.
- Folders don't open
- As soon as I try to open any folder or view no button works anymore. No mail gets displayed anymore.
- No context menus
- I can add one important contact to the top row. One. I remember presentations showing something different. And then I can't remove it.
- "Something went wrong. We are having trouble displaying your messages. Try again" at ever reload.
- Yes, this all happens in every browser.

But hey, the mail interface is really nice. Delete and archive buttons at every row, like.

Very much looking forward to the first fix pack.

Oliver Regelmann, 2017-01-04

Calendar and contacts are the old iNotes UI (with some color changes) in Verse cloud right now too. We have built Verse calendar inbox and it started rolling out in December, but not in time to be part of this release.

It looks like we have some other issues ... not necessarily being reported from all, but if being reported from any we have work to do.

Ed Brill, 2017-01-04

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