Classic Mac charging dock for Apple Watch

by Volker Weber


Elago W3. Cannot find a source in Germany so far. Alternative: Who can print this (in white)?

[Update:] Anton Seissl has found the EU Store.

[Update:] Thorse Bosk has found it in Germany. 20 € incl. shipping.



Please put me on the list as well.

Which list? Oh come on, make one :-)

Ole Saalmann, 2017-01-06

I don't get why almost every US Shop only allows express shipping for international orders - i just checked: The options are USPS for $62 and UPS for $103.

This is a $13 product! I'm happy to wait for several weeks, if the shipping costs are not 5 times the price of the product.

I asked them via email if there is a cheaper way. Will let you know as soon as i get an answer.

Jens Wellmeyer, 2017-01-06


Karsten Henrich, 2017-01-06

Hier der Link zum EU Shop: € 29,-- inkl. Lieferung nach Österreich:

Seissl Anton, 2017-01-06

I just asked my brother if he could print a sample from filament. At the moment only white with "glow in the dark" effect is available :)

Benjamin Hering, 2017-01-07

Die Variante von sieht schon deutlich sauberer aus als alles was unser 3D Drucker liefern kann.

Benjamin Hering, 2017-01-07

Mittlerweile sind die W3 Night Stands auch in Deutschland angekommen, und versandkostenfrei.

Thore Bosk, 2017-01-09

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