Patrick Spence is the new Sonos CEO

by Volker Weber


As the founder and CEO of Sonos, I am always trying to find leaders who are capable of taking Sonos to the next level. Part of that means assessing my own role. With Sonos now poised for a new phase of growth, I am excited to pass the role of Chief Executive Officer to a well-prepared Patrick Spence. Patrick demonstrated his leadership most recently with Sonos’ success during the holiday period, but more importantly, there isn’t a person who better embodies Sonos’ values and culture.

I met Patrick a year ago in Santa Barbara, and he is a great person. Sonos is in good hands and actually has already been for a while. But now it's official.

While I was visiting Sonos I shot a lot of photos. And I gave a few of them to Sonos as a small token of appreciation. The header shot of the blog post is one of them. It shows life at Sonos. Patrick and John, at a long table with others. The CEO does not have an office. He is playing in the same band as everybody else.

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Looks like Patrick is also busy on a Surface.

Michael Weitzel, 2017-01-14

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