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by Volker Weber

[Quoted with permission from a Signal chat]

I am not alone with my love for this machine.

Surface Pro 4 is the perfect PC for a student. It covers all use cases. OneNote is very popular as well since you can organize your classes in separate sections and keep adding notes with the pen or the keyboard. Surface Pro 4 also ships with Drawboard PDF, a more advanced solution for annotating PDFs. You can do it all in one device and don't have to switch between a touch tablet and a keyboard notebook. 2-in-1.


Do any of the SP4 users here maybe also use the dock?
Mine still has problems with external displays. After sleep the display's audio is not available for playback anymore in Windows 10. Power cycling the dock can help. In a second case screen and audio blank once every minute.
These may be dependent on the external display. I had to exchange my older one where I did not observe the audio issue.
There is a dock firmware updater app from Microsoft. It shows latest FW is installed.
Googling shows for some users power cycling the dock is needed to detect the external display.
How are experiences here in the vowe community?

Tobias Hauser, 2017-01-14

Ich verwende täglich das Dock (Kabel) als auch die docking station vom S3 Pro für mein S4 Pro. Das Dock ist um Welten besser, da alles mit einer Hand geht.

Probleme habe ich bisher keine, wenn es mal zu typischen Windowsdarstellungsproblemen kommt, (große Symbole, kleine Fenster etc.) dann reicht ein kurzes abnehmen und anstecken vom Kabel.

Stephan Herz, 2017-01-14

Die Docking Station habe ich damals gleich zurückgeschickt. Keine Verwendung. Das Dock habe ich nicht, finde ich aber von der Idee her ganz gut. Nur mag ich keine externen Monitore und benutze auch praktisch gar keine Peripherie.

Volker Weber, 2017-01-14

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