Billboard: New Sonos CEO Patrick Spence Looking Ahead

by Volker Weber

Billboard: What is Sonos focused on for the new year?

Patrick Spence: Really there's three things: There's voice. There's streaming music and that's just exploding, you see that obviously in the U.S. with streaming revenue overtaking everything else and growing the industry again, which is awesome. And then the third thing is the push around the connected home. Meaning there's a lot more products around the home that will emit sound and we think they should be emitting sounds through Sonos.

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Ingo Seifert, 2017-01-17

Ein wenig off topic. Gibt es bei Sonos eine Möglichkeit, die Lautstärke in verschiedenen räumen auf das gleiche Niveau zu bringen?

Johannes Matzke, 2017-01-18

Ja. Wenn mehrere Räume gruppiert sind, die Summe auf Null und dann auf die gewünschte Lautstärke ziehen. Einfach in einem Rutsch, ohne abzusetzen.

Volker Weber, 2017-01-18

Cool. Danke.

Johannes Matzke, 2017-01-18

I bet they wish they'd put microphones in all their devices.

Ian Bradbury, 2017-01-18

Ian, the microphones in the PLAY:5 are most likely not suited for far field voice recognition. The PLAY:5 was introduced in 2015 when Sonos did not yet plan for voice. PLAY:5 has two microphones, the Echo Dot has seven.

Volker Weber, 2017-01-18

Would the logical first step be to like an Echo Dot to Sonos so all the music and announcements played through the speakers?

John Head, 2017-01-18

For me the third thing sounds promising. Playing music from my Mac or other sources through Sonos is a feature I'm impatiently waiting for ...

Tobias Vogel, 2017-01-19

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