Controlling your music from your Apple Watch

by Volker Weber


Mathias said, he cannot control Google Play Music from the Apple Watch. It took me a while to understand he was confusing two ways you can control music from your Apple Watch. There is Music and there is Now Playing, as seen in the Apple Watch app on iPhone:


Now Playing shows the same thing as your lock screen or your control center. It is the app that is currently playing from the iPhone, or your Sonos controller, if you use that.


It will only let you control the volume, play/pause and track forward and backwards. It works with whatever is currently the app controlling your music, whether that is Music itself, Spotify, Google Play Music or the Sonos controller. In that respect it is very versatile.

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Music however is more powerful. It can play tracks you synced to the watch, it lets you select what you want to play and it has access to content in Apple Music. Since I do not subscribe to Apple Music, I never use the Music app on Apple Watch. I just put it into the Dock settings shown in the first screenshot up there for illustration.

Make sure you only have the Now Playing glance in your dock and you will not be confused. You can control whatever your iPhone is playing or controlling from this glance. What is the dock, you say? It shows up when you press the long button on the Apple Watch.


This is great, thanks !

Jerome Rauch, 2017-01-19

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