Pen support on your notebook

by Volker Weber

Surface Pen and Keyboard

Having used Surface Pro 4 almost exlusively for a month I am now very confused about keybord shortcuts. For those who don't know a Mac, it's Cmd instead of Ctrl for Cut & Paste. But I am not confused about pen support. I want this on my machine. For taking notes or for annotating documents. If I were a student, I would really want this. Google just announced stylus support for Chromebooks, and that type of machine is very successful in education. Add Android apps into the mix, and you are on to something. Google will eventually have to do the homework that Microsoft already did with Windows 10. Pen is integrated well into Windows 10 Anniversary Update and will improve further with the Creators Edition in April. Google plays in a much lower league with their simple stylus support, but it's going to help in Math classes.

The odd one out is Apple. If you want pen support, you can only have it on iPad Pro, in a few select apps. And I don't think that machine is ready to replace notebooks completely. You can get very far, but then you pack your notebook anyway, just to make sure.


Wenn du Android Apps vermissen solltest, dann kannst du dir auf deinem Surface auch einfach bluestacks installieren damit sollten alle Apps funktionieren.

Christian Ott, 2017-01-24

Nein, ich vermisse keine Android Apps. :-)

Volker Weber, 2017-01-24

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