Setapp has launched

by Volker Weber

I reported on Setapp when it was in beta. About a dozen of you signed up. Now Setapp is live.

Setapp is a flat fee app store for the Mac. You pay 10 € a month and can use any of their apps for as long as you keep paying, on two Macs. Setapp currently has 61 apps but wants to have more. View the apps here. The first month is free so you can try before you buy.

Setapp puts all its apps in a separate folder within /Applications. It provides a preview before you install an app, it automatically updates the catalog as well as installed apps, and allows for a clean uninstall. The company behind Setapp is the respected publisher MacPaw. Their programs CleanMyMac and Gemini are also in the catalog.

I suggest you give it a try, if only to clean your Mac with CleanMyMac for free. You don't have to provide payment information during the trial.


Beware - CleanMyMac tool discussions starting in 3.. 2.. 1..

Didn't MacPaw do this mainly because their utilities won't get accepted on the App Store?

Thomas Mendorf, 2017-01-25

Setapp 'memebership' costs 120 Euro per year. Does the potential user of that store usually buys apps of that amount per year? If yes, it's worth the money. Otherwise not. Or do I miss something?

Richard Kaufmann, 2017-01-25

Yes, you got the basic math right. Let me pick one really good app from the store. Ulysses is available at the Apple Mac App Store for 45 €. Or CleanMyMac 3 is 40 € for one Mac and 60 € for two.

Unless you don't really need software for your Mac, you will have to transfer some money to the developers of the software. And you can optimize your budget any which way you like.

Volker Weber, 2017-01-25

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