IBM Verse gets a Calendar Inbox

by Volker Weber


Screenshot Andreas Ponte


With the latest update of Verse (Cloud only right now) you get an inbox for calendar items. Invitations and responses will be displayed on the left. On the right panel you have the overview by day, week or month.
The handling is really good, it's easy to create/move entries and it's definitely one if not two steps forward in usability.
I also like the «Next meeting» slot displayed in the footer. It will show your next meeting/appointment for the day (with a count-down when the meeting is closer) or further (i.e. first appointment tomorrow). If you have more than one entry at the same time you get notified of the conflict and can quickly check what is going on with one click. More details to follow..

Andreas Ponte, 2017-01-26

Did you noticed also the new "Reserve slot" feature in the agenda ? Just click on the time slot you want to "reserve", drag down elapsed time required and give a title. It is not a meeting, an event, just a reminder for yourself to protect this time zone. Also very easy to enhance and reduce time or move it with the mouse.

PIERRE MILCENT, 2017-01-29

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