TechAltar :: How to cure a fanboy

by Volker Weber


Windows Phone is dead. Surface Pro is more like a protoytpe. Azure is even more important for them.

Martin Kautz, 2017-01-30

Martin, you did not understand the exercise. Say two nice things about three different companies.

Volker Weber, 2017-01-30

Difficult, since my experience with one of those three has been vastly dominated by frustration with their products and disapproval for their behaviour.

I do get the point. There are these silly holy wars and all, but that does not necessarily mean that dislike has to have its roots in 'fanboy' thinking.

Martin Dietze, 2017-01-30

1. User Experience / Design
2. ability to focus / say no

1. the power of

1. being (more) platform agnostic lately (e.g. Mac, browsers)
2. recent hardware / design efforts

Markus Dierker, 2017-01-30

+ Single sign on (I know, some privacy implications)
+ rock solid reliable services (especially Youtube and GMail)
+ great improvements on UI lately (especially Android)

+ SQL server on Linux
+ Visual Studio (especially the Atom derived VSC)
+ Azure
+ C#
+ Commitment to platform agnostic development ("Hello Mono and Xamarin!")

As a daily Apple user since 1991 I see some regression in software reliability.
Thinness over simplicity. Don't get the Touch Bar yet. Suffer from kernel panics on a brand new computer - that's new for sure.

Interesting observations:
1. I got more impressed by platform vendors and services lately (Heroku, IBM Bluemix), most of my work could be done on a PC (Windows or Linux) as well.
2. Primary personal computer is my iPhone, iPad doesn't work for me.
3. I am not a watch person.

Martin Kautz, 2017-01-30

I liked the idea of this exercise so much I did my own blog entry on it:

John Head, 2017-01-30

I honestly appreciate great points in all of them.
Whenever e.g. somebody asks me for advise regarding a smartphone choice, I *will* advise iOS, Android or even Windows Mobile (in rare circumstances like close family (parents, where I exactly know if it fits) or when the person really wants it). I will advise, whatever I see fit for the person asking.

I also appreciate other people respecting my own choices, based ob what I need and / or want.

Hubert Stettner, 2017-01-30

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